Helen ffoulkes-Jones
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The influences for this wedding were from the brides love of purple. The groom's origins from Holland (orange) and the season. So to combine all these we chose a very opulent look of rich autumnal flowers, such as large chrysanthemums and hydrangeas, plus fruits, berries and even purple cabbages. Arum lilies were used to complement the bridesmaids dresses and cravats. Helen's wanted her bridal bouquet to steal the show, so she had a full shower of roses, arums and Lily of the Valley.


'Thank you so much, you are so clever! You have totally understood what I have been looking for since day one and it has been such a breath of fresh air. If only everything else was this easy. My bridal bouquet was the most beautiful bouquet ever. We were so happy that you were our florist, we truly felt in good hands.'


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