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Images: With thanks to Courtenay Photographic

The brief for this wedding was to use the influence of the season and in particular deep rich colours of orange, reds and green.  The idea developed into an autumnal feast of flowers, trees, fruits and vegetables.

For the bouquets and the ceremony a lovely mixture of roses, berries and ivy complemented the dresses and the venue.  At the reception colourful acer trees stood on alternate tables, overflowing at the base with rose heads, cabbages, grapes and apples.  The remaining tables had a pumpkin holding a bright arrangement including red lilies, roses and chrysanthemums.

"We wanted to express our thanks and general wonderment and awe at the spectacular flowers you did for our wedding" 

"The bouquets were perfect" 

"We were blown away by quite how stunning each and every arrangement was." 

"They did a huge part in setting the tone for a wonderful and very happy day.  So many of our friends and family have said how stunning the flowers were.  You did a fantastic job, and it was a complete pleasure working with you."


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